Could this be implantation bleeding or period?

    • Could this be implantation bleeding or period?

      My boyfriend and I had sex last night (8/3) and when I woke up this morning there was a little circle of dark blood in my panties so I put a pad on and have changed it throughout the day and have only had one little spot. All day long I've been cramping and feeling like I do when I start my period, but usually when I start my period I spot a little at first then within an hour or so I'm bleeding like a stuck hog. Everytime I've been to the bathroom today though..nothing except when I wipe there's a faint brownish color on the toilet paper. Before anyone bites my head off, yes..I know that you all are not doctors and that I should go to one to get the real answer, but I'm just curious as to what you all might think or if any of you have experienced this. Thanks for your time.
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      Heather wrote:

      Well how often have you been having sex? It seriously took me about 2 weeks to get pregnant. Lol... but it's different for every couple. There's a possibility you could be, or you could just be doing it too rough, or it could be an indication of an infection. Your best bet is to take a pregnancy test, really. They're not that expensive and if you're trying to get pregnant anyways....if you can't afford to get a pregnancy test or are too shy to go buy one, how do you expect to have a baby?

      I honestly couldn't tell just depends how tired we are and our privacy. Sometimes 2-4 times a week and on some days twice in one day. I never said I couldn't afford a pregnancy test or was too shy to get one..just didn't know what I should do yet. I thought I'd wait and see if it was my period, but if it is..this has never happened to me before. Usually the first day of my period I start spotting then within an hour or so I'm completely on it, like I said before. Today I haven't seen any blood, but I'm cramping and hurting in my lower back like I normally do the first 2-3 days of my period. Yesterday I was feeling the same way and every time I'd go to the bathroom there'd be a very faint brownish color on the paper.