Depressed of growing up

    • Depressed of growing up

      Sometimes I feel really bad about growing up. In the last two months or so, I have been hardly depressed about growing. My sister just turned to 18, and moved out of the house, and it wont take many years til im in the same possition. Is it normal to feel down about getting older? Im turning 14 now, and it just doesnt feel right when I imagine about the pass how it feels like yesterday when I started the school. Im usually a strong person, but now suddenly I feel more bad than I have ever felt? Is this normal to feel in this age?:)
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      I felt the same at your age. I felt like when the time came for me to grow up that I wouldn't be ready for college or moving out or anything like that. Now that I'm older though it doesn't seem so bad and I feel like I had just the right amount of time.
      Realistically, you've still got plenty of time left to experience being a kid. Don't stress about it and instead enjoy every moment. When the time comes to grow up you will be ready, I'm sure. :)
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      wow! So many replies=) Still depressed every now and then.. but I still got a good new, that I will get a little sister in a half year or so=) So exited! gonna be the light of my life=) Its just so funny how all my friends turned to ''badasses'' = started to drink and smoking and being really annoying in school and so, and I dont feel like doing anything like that, and I will not hang out with geeks, so im just normally alone. Not that happy with my life atm, but hope it gets better=)
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      Sometimes I feel the same - but its just growing up and finding our way. Then the hormones and stuff and yikes == I try and be cool and chilled have my friends stuff to do -- you know the deal - and last week just a crap day at school I get home and Mum is like great my older bro is home starts joking about great -- me I just started crying -- no great reason just like Dad says the hormones - life --

      Take care bro

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      I'll be 18 on Sunday. I really can relate to you about the sadness of growing up. I watched my brother grow up before me, (he's 26) with 2 children. Man, how time truly does fly past us. I get depressed more than most people know because I don't want my time here to be cut short with all the people I love.

      (Grey's Anatomy really doesn't help much..ha)

      I hope that you can remember to just live in the moment. It wasn't but just a few years ago I was 14 and never would have imagined being where I am now. Life is a crazy thing..
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      This is a common feeling among people as they start to put life into its proper perspective. Something that has helped me is try to focus on the present. In feeling these things, you are basing your current and future problems and situations on the past. You're focus is "where did the time go?" Instead of missing the past or freaking out about the future, focus on what's going on right now. A nice exercise you can do is to write down everything you sense with your five senses. Do this every day and it should make the transition easier.
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      I never had that problem I guess I had a crappy life when I was younger... So I couldn't wait till I turned 18 so I could get away from the shit I was dealing with... lol but you might be depressed about it but I'm 21 now... & I can say it's a lot more fun, because you can do w/e you want doesn't mean you have to go out drinking or do adult things me and my friends still play vid games and go and do things kids do. It might seem a little scary but once you get there you won't be scared anymore
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      You just have to accept that growing up is a part of life. I am only 19 years old and I don't know much but I know that my mentality when I was 14 is completely different compared to what it is now. Don't worry. You have a lot of time left to go and you will grow up naturally. I've felt depressed about the future before, but I never give up! Neither should you. Take everything before you as a challenge and complete it as best as you can. Life can be amazing, it just takes your willpower to do it. Growing up, in my opinion, has only made my life better even with all of my new responsibilities.
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      Honestly, I think if you're not tempted to harm yourself, the depression is just fine. I felt the same way when I was your age. For me, the big cause was not knowing what I was doing/where I was going in life. I also got it real bad right before I turned 18 about 6 months ago.
      Everyone goes through some depression, you will get past it, and things will be better.
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      Yeah I know what you mean, I was and sometimes still think like that; but as you get older and find yourself, or figure out what you want to do with your life you'll find the thought of growing up more enjoyable.

      For know just keep going a day at a time and try not to think about it, just have fun for now.