Complicated situation with my ex

    • Complicated situation with my ex

      Hey there! I have a complicated situation. So I started talking with a guy on the net 4 years back. We became so close even though we had never met in real life. We had a 1 and a half year 'open' relationship, which I decided to end back in december, last year because I was going through a really tough moment and I didn't want him to see me like that, even though he would have done anything to help me, as he had done many times before. We were planning to meet by last Christmas but I decided not to, so he lost the money he had already paid to come here. We didn't keep in touch (though he sent e-mails just asking how I was, telling that he missed me, if I had found someone else, etc., he also kept on posting statuses like 'It's not you who I blame, it's me who I cannot forgive', 'I was never good enough') In June, we started chatting again, and he just talked to me like he did before we had a relationship. He didn't even seem mad at me for what I did to him. Thing is, since I didn't split up with him because I had stop loving him (which he doesn't know), I find myself thinking about him all day long and it's getting hard not to tell him I'm still in love with him, but I don't know if he feels something for me and I don't want to ruin our 'friendship' or hurt him again. What could I say to make sure he has feelings for me without asking directly? And, in case he does, how could I say I want him back?
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      "Would you ever consider us being together again?" Or something to that effect.
      Finding a nice way of phrasing that is not easy, and I'm sure you already know that you were wrong for what you did. If he still has those kinds of messages then who knows, maybe he still has an interest in you.

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      Well it sounds like he still has feelings for you, maybe? :)
      You could just start off saying things like ' I miss you .. '
      ' It's nice things being how they were before '

      Then you could just ask him how he feels about you :') Good luck!
      Now that i've chose to become a pal, a sister and adviser, there's no body wiser.

      :hugs: <-- because these make the world go round ;)