Cross Country!

    • Cross Country!

      Hi guys :P I haven't been on this forum in forever, but school's about to kick in and I'm about to start my junior year of high school. So, the first thread I wanted to post is about x-country! This is my first year really getting into x-country(mainly because I'm just a sprinter, made it into the top 15 at states ^_^), but I've been struggling a bit with my calves feeling heavy and hurting quite a bit(probably due to lactic acid er whatever) and I recently just injured my back at a 2mile race ; /(which I enjoyed, managed to finish with a time of 12:40 ^_^, not very good compared to most runners, but still, it's a milestone for me with this being my first year.)

      Anyways to get to the point, I was hoping that at least a few of you would be willing to post your most recent milestones in terms of athletics!(preferably running, but anything is fine :P) This is just a way to help build determination, and brag about your achievements!

      Milestone 1: Running a 12:40 2mile race :rolleyes:
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