Girl on buss trying to get attention??

    • Girl on buss trying to get attention??

      So there's this one girl, and her name's Sam. We ride the same bus, and we're a year apart. She older than me by a year. So she kinda has a depression problem, and I kinda stay away from that. But all she is is drama.
      My sister is her age, and she doesn't like her, because she's mean to her, and she doesn't want me by Sam at all. But I don't wanna really be mean, and just ditch her on the bus. Then she started cutting herself, just to get attention. I don't know what to do!!:confused:
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      Well, it's likely that Sam really is depressed. (if she feels neglected enough to seek attention via cutting, doesn't that show she's desperate?) And she may not have been cutting for attention. I mean, if she like talked about it and showed you guys, then yeah, she probably was, but if someone just saw it, it might have been for a different reason. As for not wanting to ditch her - what was it exactly that she did that your sister thought was mean? If it was truly awful and you feel you need to support your sister, then do it. But if it was just something petty, or just catty, then if she's never been mean to you, I would give her a chance. You may be surprised.
      Hope that helps, and good luck
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      Most people with depression will take it out on other people, that's why she is mean to your sister ect., if you want to befriend this girl, think about your sister first of all. If she is, as she says, mean to her, then surely you would want to respect your sister and not talk to her? But, I doubt this girl was doing it for attention, she was probably doing it to pass the time, so maybe you should go up to her and just talk to her while you're both on the bus?