parents are fighting

    • parents are fighting

      do you guys have any ideas on what to do when your parents are fighting
      my dad is thinking of devorce and my mom well she basicly hates him!
      it really sucks to be the kid inbeetween but what can you do? i also have a bro who is younger than me and he doesnt really know whats going on but he knows that they are mad at each other!
      i really hate knowing they are fighting. my parents are nice but not together! :mad::mad:
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      Every parents fights once in a while and if its really not working out together anymore then they can better get a devorce then stay together and fight all the time. It might be hard ofcourse for you and ur brother but it is better for him and you if they would get devorced then see them fighting.

      You can't do anything about it, it seems that its just not working out anymore and then devorce is the best option.
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      Gosh... it really sucks being in the middle of two parents fighting. I grew up with that the same situation, but it never got better because they didn't get a divorce. Whether its for the best or not, I think it would help if you got to talk to each of your parents individually. Let them know how you hate hearing them fight and that it has a negative impact on you and your brother. Hopefully they'll discuss their issues in a better manner away from you guys and work things out.
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      My parents were fighting A LOT before their devorce and trust me on this one you cant do anything but try to jus tmove away when they are fighting... ikr its hard and one more thing before they devorce the better because it will be really hard in the beggining but things should be more stable after some time... try to help your brother as much as you can he will probably need it a lot and you 2 try to stick together it will be better for both... i hope everything goes the best it can :) good luck