I need advice on my future!

    • I need advice on my future!

      Hi, i'm 15 and live in the uk. I know what I want to do I just dont know how to go about doing it so that is why am here basically. I want to be a Famous Actor and no not just for the fame and money I want to be a good actor but well known for what I do so here's the problem I dont know were to actually start I know I need to put a lot of work into it and i am willing to, I just want to know were to start? were to go to college? were to live?

      Thanks in advance really appreciate it :D
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      Its always hard getting the info you need - but maybe you have a local theatre or even a careers advce place you can get to -- ok acting is not gonna be high up on thier list of careers but you never know. Also I sometimes see a newspaper called I think the stage -- maybe have a look in your local libary -- might be some acting stage or theatre magazines --

      sorry cannot think of anything else

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      Taking GCSE Drama isn't a necessity. Acting is a passionate field and a GCSE is an indicator of knowledge, not passion. What you can do to show that you want this is immerse yourself in the theatrical community as much as possible. Are you in Stage Coach? If not, that (or a similar club) will help you a lot. Go for roles in school plays, and even get involved in theatres outside of school. Get work experience at a theatre. Basically, show the world that you don't NEED a GCSE to show that you can do it.

      One thing I will say (and I really mean this in the kindest way possible) is that the fact you felt the need to say you want to be a "Famous Actor" demonstrates that (maybe to a very small extent) you are in it partly for the fame. I'm not saying that you don't have the capability, but the best actors aren't necessarily famous, and the most famous actors aren't always the best. Sometimes these things happen, but sometimes they don't. You do not have to be famous to succeed.

      Best of luck!