Senior Year problems

    • Senior Year problems

      I am currently coming back for another year of highschool (12+) due to my lacking grades. Due to some previous drama that happened to me near the end of the year last year, I've become more isolated from my friends and do not go out as much anymore. Last year I would go out every weekend to different parties, but now I just don't seem to look for it anymore. I miss the times I used to do this as I feel more sociable and less lonely. My main concern is I stopped talking to alot of people from my school that party (girls and guys) due to the rumours that occured by people. through this, I have no source to ask of the latest parties happening and I just feel isolated and alone. Most of the days I just sit around and do absolutely nothing.

      On top of that, my closest friend ever since childhood seems to be part of the party crew, and seems to be moving away from me (just like the rest of the party crew) and becoming just like them. The loneliness causes me to do masturbate excessively over 3-4 times per day. I feel very dumb after doing it and regret it everytime, but i can't help myself. I feel depressed whenever I go on Facebook and see parties that i've missed and all my "ex-friends" are going too. Through my depression and sexual urges, I masturbate. It makes the pain go away for a bit and puts me in a happy state, then after i'm done, I regret doing it.

      I need some advice from ANYBODY. What should I do? Should I try to connect back with my "party friends"? How do I get rid of my depression? How do I control my masturbation?
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      Why are you going back to school? Are you trying to get good grades for any particular reason? Is there some college you want to get into or something? If not, it just seems like a waste of time and money going back. You could just get a job instead.

      Get a hobby. Preferably something you can do with other people, like join a choir or something. Maybe the next time you feel like masturbating, try to do something more constructive (something that'll give you a skill and thus make you feel more useful), instead, like cook something, or practise the trumpet, or build a chair. Because that sort of stuff will make you feel good, too.

      I personally wouldn't really recommend trying to reconnect with your party friends. That sounds like a waste of time, to me. It's possible to be social in ways that aren't so repetitive.
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      Why don't you just try and make some new friends? You haven't got to go to parties to put yourself back in the 'crew'. Hell, I rarely go out yet I have tons of friends because I have no enemies. I wasn't sure you wanted to talk about it as you haven't stated what actually happened to you.. but whatever it was, was it that bad? Maybe you should try and forget about it? Put it behind you? Start a fresh maybe. Don't live in the past, you'll regret it.. And as for the masturbating, don't feel guilty! Never feel guilty! You're over thinking things, just enjoy it! I wish you luck! :) <3
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      Okay, first of all no matter what anyone says, there is nothing wrong with masturbation. It may not be the most productive thing to do with your time but it's healthy, in fact it helped distract me from self harming (which isnt healthy).

      Personally, I wouldn't spend your time trying to get back with these friends. You've acknowledged that you don't really have much in common any more, and they're not being very helpful by not inviting you to their parties. You shouldn't have to ask, your friends should include you. Maybe it's time you found new friends instead, and as Anthony suggested get a hobby - then you can find people who share that in common with you.
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      You are going to back to school for your grades. That should be your main focus.
      I understand you are feeling lonely and isolated. But focus on what's important. Those ''Friends'' of yours don't sound to important. Most of the time you don't even talk to your friends after high school anyways.

      They sound like a waste of time. Focus on your grades...
      If you wanna make friends, have a hobby or you could try
      to get a job, Just have something to focus your mind on