Boyfriend and I broke up but we still talk as if we're together

    • Boyfriend and I broke up but we still talk as if we're together

      so a couple of days ago my boyfriend and i agreed to break up because it was impossible for us to see each other. yet, we're still saying "i love you" to each other and talking everyday as if we're still together. is this weird? i want us to be together again but i'm afraid to tell him because i feel like he might say no /: i don't like us talking like a couple if we aren't really together. What should i do?
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      faizi123 wrote:

      when you were nervous, or exceeded your arms when you did not believe the fact with someone or considered angry? That is program language! People usually show their emotions with their program. And choice someone is no different. You can never tell for sure how someone seems with their actions, but it can be a awesome indication. Here are some circumstances of actions that indicate someone might like you..
      Extended eye contact/undivided attention
      Smiling/blushing when you are around.
      Being actually near to you. (More than friendly)
      Making up information to get in touch with you, like a action headline.


      Do you know who your crush’s buddies are? Maybe your eliminate has confided in them. If they have, you could always ask them how your eliminate seems about you. Or have one of your buddies ask one of your mashes buddies. Be careful though, because sometimes this could get you the wrong reaction, especially if your friend or their friend is a jokester.


      This is gradually simple. Ask your eliminate. This needs a lot of bravery, but will offer you with the honest results. A lot of times, there is nothing to get rid of just because you asked for for. And there is a lot to gain!


      In response to the initial question I say just tell him. If he doesn't want to, then he doesn't want to, but at least you will know. If you want to get back together with him just say it. Nothing will change if you don't do anything.
      Good luck! :D