Hello guys

    • Hi,
      obviously I'm new. I am searching for new forums to post on. Recently, since school started, I quit a gaming forum resigning my position as a beta tester and a mod. At the same time, miniclip forums closed, so I was left forum-less.

      So, a bit about me, right ?
      I am 18 years old, male ( not sure why is that important ), single, 4th year engineering ( mechatronics more precisely ) and Cisco CCNA student. I am introvert more than extrovert person. I don't like today's society, I believe majority of the population is stupid, so I tend to educate myself as much as possible so I don't become one of the stupid people. I like physics, astronomy and technology. Actually, I like all sorts of interesting things cause I believe in "knowledge is power". In free time, I play with rubic's cube, watch movies/animated movies/cartoons, work out, read wikipedia and train MMA.

      That's it, I guess. Oh, I found this forums via googling, I especially searched for Teens forum and this place was 1st to pop out.

      Cheers everyone !

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