Help please...wat to do?

    • Help please...wat to do?

      Well, I'm 17 and have never had a girlfriend and suffer from anxiety problems. I've had a massive crush of over 2 years on this one girl whos in the same class as me and who I think is the most amazing girl. Well long story short I told her how I felt and she rejected me which made me feel depressed. I thought I had gotten over her when I was talking to another girl and I said this to my friend (who is gay) who told the one I have a crush on about me liking this other girl who I later found out had a boyfriend. She then messaged me on facebook saying its Ok cause things wouldn't be so awkward in school. Well, I made a mistake, I realised the other day that my feelings are as strong as ever for this girl.
      What should I do?
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      I think what you should do FIRST before you try to make progress with this girl is to focus on your relationship between you and yourself.

      Learn to love yourself. When your thinking, you know how you have 2 voices in your head? The way those two voices interact can act as a gauge to how your relationship between you and yourself is doing. Does one talk to the other like a parent or do they work together and support each other?

      BASICALLY, what this will do is make you more loving to others because you love yourself. It'll also make you more confident.

      At this point, focus on this girl. You now will have anything you need to talk to her and create a relationship, not with just her, but any person.
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      Well me and my friend were walking home from school yesterday and we were talking about me liking this girl (he's the only one I can properly talk to about stuff like this). Anyway, we turned round and there she was right behind us., and I don't know if she heard us or not and she didn't say anything but asked me about something else
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      dev532 wrote:

      You wont get a girl to like you unless you try. Trust me, i spent years of my life waiting for a girlfriend, then realised i should grow up and go find one and it worked.
      Just tell her how you feel. If she says no, then leave it. Plenty more out there and all that.

      Theres plenty more fish in the sea.
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      Nick* wrote:

      Ohhh Sam are you getting it on with Sweetie?

      Nope :p

      And I did tell this girl before but not properly (I could have done it a lot better and at a better time than I did :(
      I still like her as much as ever and I just keep finding myself thinking about her. She's such a nice person its unreal, I haven't managed to keep her off my mind for long for ages.
      I don't know if I'm in love with her but, I mean I've felt the same way about her for at least the past 3 years but was never able to do anything about due to confidence issues (I never told her properly either) :/ I just like sooo many things about her. What do you think about that (do you think I might be in love with her) any ideas?

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      BUMP! :) Well my friend and her friend have come up with a plan to help me because I can't actually talk to her in school, I just get so shy but I'm a lot better outside. They're plan is to use mutual friends going to the cinema so her friend and her would go and me and my friend would "coincidentally" be there. I think this could work because I think it'll help me get to talk to her :) Any thoughts guys?