Will my teacher get into trouble for this?

    • Will my teacher get into trouble for this?

      This here is just some context and back story so just bear with me here.
      Last year my Geo teacher went on long service leave and we got this new teacher she was 24 I think, maybe 25.and right from the get go, we clicked. I don't know, something about her and something about me, we just clicked. we got really friendly, she was really funny and smart and we'd do things for each other like I’d bring her some coffee in the morning and she'd bring me some lunch some days. during class we would just bait and tease one another. then a couple weeks in, someone made the "married couple", and after that we dragged that joke on. If I had her class in the morning, I’d walk in and say something like "morning dear" and she'd say something back.
      One time she made a mistake and I said "what are you doing here dear?'
      "Exactly, should you be downstairs in the cooking room making me lunch"

      Another time I answered a question wrong and she said 'I didn't marry for your brains did I?"
      "Well I didn't marry you for you cooking either"
      My friend "then why did you marry him'
      She then gave a cheeky smile 'oh you know.....for his money"
      "But I’ve got nothing"
      "I know, I was desperate, why else would i marry you?"

      This is what class was pretty much like. Then at the end of the year, my year went down to Victoria for a ski trip, Amy (that's her name, I don't know her last name to be honest, we’ve always just called her Amy), was on the trip too. On the first day I fractured my arm (within the first two hours, new record) so I was stuck at the cabins in the mornings. She’d come by and check up on me and bring me some snack from the Hub (the big main cabin with the shops) and we'd just chat. Then after lunch a group of my friends would play cards and chat and she'd join us. Then came a joke where I was cheating on her with my best friend. One time at tea he was sitting on my knees, you know just trying to be awkward for the sake of it, and Amy went "aw you two are so cute"
      Me, "I told you, you've been replaced".

      Then at the very end of the year she told us that she was moving up to Brisbane, and gave me a bit of paper and said 'I want a divorce". We were being over dramatic with that and she said "I’m taking you for everything your worth" then took all my books and put them on her desk and made me get up and get them.

      Now you know, the friendship Amy and I have.
      Six months ago she came back from Brisbane and started to work at the school again. Now today I was with her at the beach because she’s teaching me how to surf and she asked if I wanted to come with her to the Year 12 formal. If I do go I won’t be spending the whole time with her because I’ve got friends who are also going. I haven’t given her an answer yet because I don’t want her to get into trouble. Nothing happens between us, we’re just close but others don’t see it that way. My mum has complied about her in the past and I don’t know how this will go down. I want to go because I’ve got friend in my year who are going and friends in year12 and I love spending time with Amy but I just don’t want to get her into trouble.

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      I'm 17 by the way right now.
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      Hi J. Loaf,

      Honestly, any relationship between a 17 year old and a 25 year old is complicated. I understand this type of relationship that you two have. It seems like it's just a buddy, joking kind of one. However, it's not really appropriate. If the wrong person heard you guys talking like that, Amy could get into a lot of trouble.

      I understand that you two are close, but the age difference between you two makes your relationship inappropriate. I'm not sure what a Year 12 formal is, but I don't think you should go with her as her date or anything.

      Amy is your teacher, nothing more and nothing less. I think it's great that you two can make jokes and laugh together. I think it's great that you two can talk to one another like you do. However, I don't want you two catching feelings for one another somewhere down t he road because then things could get really bad.

      Just watch what you're doing and be careful. Good luck with everything :)
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      Miss Scarlet wrote:

      I'm not sure what a Year 12 formal is

      A year 12 formal is Australian for senior prom pretty much for when you finish school but with no dancing. You just get together with your teachers and mates, take photo's, have dinner, reminisce and have a good time. And as I said, I wouldn't be spending the whole time with Amy, I've got other friends who are going who, so I'll probably go off with them for most of the night.

      And you don't have to worry about us catching feelings for each other, things are going well between me and my ex.
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      I'd say go, the age thing isn't to big of a deal. I would try to keep the stuff at school to a minimum, she could get in trouble. But Once you graduate, you can do whatever you like, doesn't really matter what others think as long as you guys are happy, you are good. No offense scarlet. just try and not make her get in trouble because that would just suck. Good luck bro, keep us updated.
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      J.Loaf wrote:

      Why does everyone assume we're more than friends? I get it a lot. What, can't two people be friends anymore?

      I feel you here... I hung out with 2 girls and people kept saying I was dating the 1 girl and I wasn't out at the time so people assumed I was straight. It got to the point to come out and tell them that I was gay.

      That's life in high school for ya.
      Cute Gay Male