I need advice on what to do.

    • I need advice on what to do.

      So, first I'll give a brief summary of the past three years. I am currently a senior in high school, back during Freshman year, one of the first people that I have met and became friends with was this girl. At the time I didn't think much of it. Freshman year turned to sophomore and we continued to talk (we did not have any classes together). However, then Junior year rolled around. During the course of these two years I have been incredibly stressed and anxious. We started to talk less, and less. As I begun to have feeling for her. In the past months I have noticed that she is hanging around more with another guy (he has now graduated and goes to University in the city). That being said, it's senior year now and I have put any problems I have aside and just want to make the most of the time I have left. I was wanting just to talk to her and explain whats been going on (by that I mean telling her that I did not mean to distance myself from her) and that I'd wish to still be close to her. The main issue to me is when I should tell her how I feel about her. I dont know if it's to early (since we havent talked much of late) or should I just go for it off the bat. And should I tell her what I plan to or not. In the end being completely honest, I'd be content even with not getting into anything, but I just dont know where to go from where I am now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

      And Just recently...
      She wrote on my wall the other day. Asking how Ive been and that she misses me.
      I told her that Ive been alright and that I miss her too, and asked her the same.
      She didn't respond to this point (over 24 hours ago; she has been active on facebook during this time). Dont really know what that means if anything at all.
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      To be honest it doesnt sound like shes interested in you, usually if a girl messages you on facebook and you respond, they'll respond the next time they're active if she thought strongly of you, but she hasnt responded in over a day and she's been active? Sounds fishy to me. You should try getting things straight with her, go all out and tell her you like her, if you dont then some other guy might get to her first, then it'll be too late.