Depression/ ED sponsor?

    • Depression/ ED sponsor?

      Hi there,
      I have suffered with depression and an eating disorder for many years now. Alot of people go into rehab to deal with these problems and when they get out they are given someone called a 'sponsor'. This is someone they can contact via email, text or phone who is available day or night to help them, give them guidance and support in their recovery.
      I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a sponsor? Or if anyone needed a sponsor i am always happy to help (UK preferrably to contact via phone, or overseas via whatsapp/email/teenhut)..

      I have dealt with alot so can relate to almost anything.
      I hope you can all find the strength within yourselves to stay strong and overcome the difficult times that you may be dealing with now.

      Here for you always..
      [CENTER][SIZE=4]- Stay Strong -[/SIZE][/CENTER]
      [CENTER][SIZE=3]love is louder than the pressure[/SIZE][/CENTER]
      [CENTER][SIZE=3]to be perfect[/SIZE][/CENTER]
    • Re: Depression/ ED sponsor?

      What a sweet suggestion. I wish i had a sponsor around here, it'd be nice to talk to someone or take a walk with someone who knows what i'm going through with my depression. Either way, i'm not anywhere near the UK so i cant help you too much, but it's good that you're encouraging people to stay strong, everyone needs that little bit of encouragement.