how to meet with girls!!!

    • how to meet with girls!!!

      Hey guys i'm curious how you meeting girls in High-School or how to start conversation that the girl would be interested in you? people call this openers, i am looking for some funny ones :) please no pickup lines ;/
      its kind of boring to start conversation like hi how are you, whats your name i am looking for unique like, "hey guys i just noticed you guys here sitting by your self with no guys what's the story behind, unlucky love or something" something like that pls.
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      Ok no, girls do not "like bad asses". But dude it seems to me like you are really creative in this field. That one you posted is really good. But for the sake of helping here i go :). Opening with a girl really isn't as hard as you think for the simple reason that almost no guy does it. Especially in High school. Just approach them and start talking. About things relating to what's going on in school. Try something like "So what's the latest gossip?" or " Have you guys heard" and the make up a ridiculous story about something. be sure to keep it light and smile. Keep them smiling and laughing and after a few minutes tell them you have to be going make up some funny excuse like "oh my, I am going to miss my train" then pretend to look at your watch or if you have one look at it and then walk away with a hardy goodbye like "a pleasure talking to you girls, stay sexy" and walk away. I guarantee at least one of them will be interested in you. This works best with a group rather than just one girl. Believe me this works and it looks like you won't have any problem doing it. Best of luck and if you need more advice hit me up or check out my Youtube :). Let me know how things work out!
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      I work for a social network called MeetMe, and it's a fun way to meet, play games, and talk to people that live close to you. You can also talk with others from all over the world. It's kind of a more flirty version of Facebook, but most people find it pretty fun! So maybe check it out sometime.
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      austin19994 wrote:

      Talk about tests. And keep telling the girl that you bombed the last test, girls like bad asses

      Yes yes, fantastic idea, make your first impression that you're a dunce/slacker. Failing a test isn't bad ass.

      Seriously love, just go say hey. Ask about the homework or something. Whether you're straightforward or make some sort of excuse, she's going to know you're not interested in the class, you just want to talk to her anyway.
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      From my experience girls can talk infinite about two things, relationships and mystical stuff. So my openers usually rotate around that. Although I like the direct approach, not like "Hey girl, wanna get together some time?" I prefer the cocky-funny way. But, there is something that bothers me, and I need a womans opinion about, so I ask. "Where is the border between friendly touches and the touch of a lover?"

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      myteenagedream wrote:

      I would suggest you just have a open and friendly conversation with her. You have to start some where. Start with quick and concise conversation at first than as you get to know her better and become more acquainted with her start going in deeper.

      Basically I would suggest you to lead the conversation, there is nothing more attractive in a man that a leaders approach and confidence.
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      You need to read a book called Neil Strauss "the game". Iv read all of his books :). I would sit here and tell you what I would do but I think everyone els summed it up! It's all about confidence my man! Go up to her and say something that no other guy would notice. I like your earring, I like your smile,anything that separates you from everyone els. Pm me for more ideas
      Read that book