Ideal first date (Any gender)

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      I would appreciate it if they did buy me a gift - it is a thoughtful gesture - but I'm certainly not expecting it as we're just getting to know each other. I'd prefer warm sunny weather (like a nice Spring day) but it wouldn't really affect it too much as long as it's not a hurricane or something.

      I'd prefer some kind of late afternoon activity we can do together, maybe something a bit sporty like ice skating or rock climbing, so that we can still talk to each other but there's something to do if it gets awkward. For me the first date is about getting to know each other as opposed to full blown romance.

      If we have fun then we could go grab a bite to eat (somewhere not too fancy, but decent) in the evening and have a proper chat, talking about things that we like and dislike. Routine first date talk.

      And I'd welcome a good night kiss ;)
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      I always like first dates where there's something to do at every moment, no lulls and awkwardness. My favorite first date was at the start of winter when it's bright outside and cool but, not weather enough for full coats. Oh, and it was in the afternoon until just past dark.

      We started out by going to a book store, wandering around for a bit and talking, and then a grocery store for some reason. It gave us a chance to talk about movie, games, books, and all sorts of things because the store had so much in it. Then we grabbed hot chocolate and tea from a cafe, and went to the park. We just went on the swings, merry go round and ran around. It just makes you feel like a kid again and keeps things active, so I always like that bit most.

      I don't really remember how the date ended but I like it when there isn't a huge wind down of activity. Its better when things end on a high note or right after a lot of fun. For me, that's always what makes me want a second date ha.
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      Dexter. wrote:

      Walk in the park, chatting about hobbies and stuff, family, friends...

      That's how my last one went, but it was bad because her only hobby was reading, and she was currently reading twilight.


      Twilight. Twihards. Such a cringe worthy series. :nono:
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      Meet the girl, give her a flower (a Jasmine, as is her name). Walk through the Old Market(.com) in late Fall, just... talking, along the way stopping at various stores and what not. Around 5~7 P.M., either no or light snow on the ground. Drive her home, kiss, done.

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      An ideal date for the city I live in would probably be to walk down town, holding hands and talking, go to a couple stores. I know there's an interesting one to me at least called book trader , that has massive piles of books, and there is another organised book store, maybe go to some other antique stores along the way and look around. If she finds a book or something, I would probably buy it for her, instead of giving her a present when we first meet.

      There is a ghost walk every Friday, so if she is interested in that, I would take her. There is also the option of going down by the water and just sitting close together maybe some hand holding, or hugging. Talking along the way and laughing, finding out what shes interested in, or what she wants to achieve in life.

      There's actually a lot of neat stuff down town here, there is the old underground railway that we could check out, it really just depends on what she wants to do. I wouldn't plan too much, I would just see where the night takes us. By the time we walk back home the moon will probably have made it's appearance and I just think it would be really nice.

      If a girl were to take me out, I don't have really a dream date that I've planned out. I would just want her to plan something nice for me, be spontaneous, don't tell me where were going or what were doing. Show me your favorite places, who you are, what you like.. things like that. If I like the girl, I don't really care where we go or what we do, I would be content in just being in her presence.

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      I don't like dinner dates because it puts too much pressure on you to talk. I like just going to the cinema. You have a bit of talking and you have something to talk about afterwards (the film). Cold weather is best because you have an excuse to cuddle each other! :3
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