• im in grade 6 and i have a lot of breakouts on my face especially on my forehead.
      I wanna wear make-up but not like, over-do-it. i want it to look totally natural and my skin to be flawless. i will provide a list a list of my make-ups which i can use :
      M.A.C concealer
      Powder FX
      perfect smoother
      instant light
      and maybe i need more?
      Please Help!!!!!!!! ASAP
      Thank you:love1:
    • Firstly, you're to young to be wearing makeup, be a kid, live life. Don't worry about looking pretty and shit. What are you going to impress the boys? Why even worry? Foundation ruins your skin. And when I was 11/10 I didn't worry about makeup, I was still a kid.
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    • Re: Make-up

      You're probably getting sick of this by now, but you really are too young to be worrying about makeup. If the skin issue is really bugging you, think about what products you are using on your face. Simple is a great brand and isn't too harsh on the skin - a combination of the facial wash and moisturiser should be enough. Stop wearing makeup, as it can easily clog up your pores and make it worse (especially foundation).
    • Re: Make-up

      The media is awful. I didn't wear make-up for my first year in high school. But when I started getting spots, my mum introduced me to make-up and allowed me to wear a bit of concealer. Then I started wearing it everyday. I didn't even think about make-up until my mum offered it to me though she always says I don't need it.
      You are too young to be wearing make-up. Buy anyway, why don't you go to the doctors and they may be able to give you medication for acne treatment. Remember, you're only young, it's natural at your age to be getting break-outs with all your hormones.
      Foundation can make your skin worse as long as you wash it off thoroughly every evening, using hot water and a cleanser of some sort. When you're not in school, don't wear make-up and keep your skin clean always.
      You wear way too much make-up by the looks of it, you'll probably look orange with all that make-up. Just use a bit of foundation and a bit of concealer to cover up any redness. That's all you need. You can't hide them completely like they do in photoshopped pictures.
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