Please help..

    • Please help..

      Ok my name is Gavin and I am 14 years old. I really want to know how I can find that one girl that would add so much more excitement in my life. I have dated before (Yes I was pretty young for dating) but things have really changed for me. Not trying to be conceded or anything but in 7th grade a lot of girls liked me. I wasn't popular I just somehow resembled Justin Bieber. That may sound stupid or whatever but it worked for me so I didn't really like it because I don't care for him but I went along with it. Anyway I turned away most girls because I had my eyes set on my first love. That may also sound weird as I was younger but it's true. We have dated at least 6 times (Not really dating because we didn't go on dates more or less just boyfriend/girlfriend) and then we finally went on a double date with a good friend of mine and his girlfriend. That day was the best and worst day of my life, after about an hour she got into a fight with an "old boyfriend" of hers who told her to stop hanging out with me. I knew she was lieing. Because she listened to him and told me and my friend to just go home or whatever and then her and my friends girlfriend both left. I then texted her saying to just stop talking to me because I was angry. I don't think I made a mistake there but I don't know I might have..anyway after that we never talked much at all even to this day. She hardly knows I exist at all now and I still love her as much as I did when I first saw her. I know in a way i'm still young but I feel like she is my soul mate, but then again it is probably just my hormones talking but still I at least want to date her for real this time and give it everything I got....but I don't know how to confront her now after everything we have been through...I don't even know if she is dating someone else, she has a facebook but she doesn't ever really change her status so I don't know for sure. Girls and maybe even can I start a relationship with this girl again?

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      Well, if you really do still like her, then I guess I won't have to tell you your too connected. I mean, I've had the same problem. (as stated in another thread) but really, I think it could be time to let go, or at least take a break from dating, I mean, it's great being single! Enjoy it while you can! Trust me, you will find that real someone someday. You will and so will I. :) and I am actually hoping she doesn't come too soon. Girls will ruin your life at this age bro. (no offense to any girls reading this meant.) but ya, they do that. Don't get to attached at this age. Tell you what, I'm the same age as you, and I promise to not get attached if you don't. And it looks like we both live in az. So maybe we could meet sometime. Get to be good friends. Get back to me soon man! (as in reply, if it sounded wrong)
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      Well..haha honestly i'm open to making new friends but I do kinda worry about the whole "Stranger-Danger" lol but I guess if you did live in my area it would be cool to meet up. As long as you don't live like up in flagstaff or anything that's like over an hour away or something. Just message me and maybe we can work something out.