Relationship confusion

    • Relationship confusion

      So right now im kinda going out with a girl, i say kinda because im just confused. She talks to me over FB but isnt my friend on there anymore, our relationship statuses are set as 'In a relationship' but it doesnt say who with. In real life she ignores me, hugs all of her friends and not me, when we talk she hardly speaks at all, this is the second time we are trying to go out. what do i do? Ive been stressing and getting angry at everything, ive even gone off in class, yelling and swearing several times in a row. Ive never done that in all of my life. I need help, please, i need help to know what i have to do, or what i can do.
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      Did either of you actually agree to date the other? Because to me you just both have your relationship statuses as 'in a relationship' on facebook. You're not even friends on there, letalone reality.

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    • Re: Relationship confusion

      I asked her if she wanted to be together, she agreed, and we were friends on facebook but her sister got onto her account and blocked me, but when my girlfriend unblocked me i couldnt send her messages, so i blocked and unblocked her and now i can, this has happened in the last 8 hours or so meaning maybe she hasnt been on Facebook this whole time, i mean it was overnight.
      The smallest man can climb the tallest mountain, all he has to do is try.
    • Re: Relationship confusion

      I'd have to agree with the straight forward approach. Trying to figure out what someone feels over the internet is like trying to write sarcasm. It's particularly hard to do, and a whole lot better if completely avoided in some situations. Call her or talk to her in person and see what's up. Best of luck dear!
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    • Re: Relationship confusion

      Thank you all for the advice. Im no longer with her. I decided that trust is the backbone of any strong relationship, and i just couldn't trust her considering what we have done, me and her have had a big fight, now shes mad at me, im not really sure how to feel, i mean it was a split second decision as i got to school today. But its done. If anybody wants to help me out just inbox me, im going to have it set in in a few hours, im still kind of shocked.
      The smallest man can climb the tallest mountain, all he has to do is try.
    • Re: Relationship confusion

      That sounds like a primary school 'relationship'. You're hardly dating/in a relationship if you barely talk, if you're not even friends on facebook and if you never even show affection to each other, so set your relationship status back to single and leave it.
      When you get into a relationship, you shouldn't be confused or not know whether you're in a relationship or not. If you're confused as to whether you're with the person or not, then it's not a relationship at all. It was the second time you've tried going out and it's not working so no point keeping it.
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