Does he like me?

    • Does he like me?

      Hey! :)
      Basically, one of my friends has been acting differently with me recently. A couple of weeks ago we went to one of my friends birthday parties and we ended up going for a walk with a couple of our other friends during that night and he was holding my hand pretty much all night, but said it was because I "might be scared of the dark". Even when I said I wasn't, he'd walk next to me and brush his hand against mine almost as though he was trying to get me to hold his hand. He didn't seem bothered about anyone seeing us holding hands either, given that one of his best friends was with us as well. Then we all went to the cinema together again recently to see a scary film and he sat next to me. I was gripping the side of the seat because to be quite frank, I was terrified :wink: and he put his hand on the top of my hand and we ended up holding hands again and he was stroking my hand all the way through the two hour film. Then I rested my head on his shoulder and he was really close to me and rested his head on top of mine, no doubt to anyone in the cinema we looked like we were going out. I really liked him for ages and he couldn't have shown less interest in me if he tried and now this is happening I'm starting to question how I feel again. The annoying thing is both times this has happened, he acts completely normal again afterward and I feel stupid! My question is, what do I do?! Do I talk to him about it or just leave it? :confused:
      Thanks! :D

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      sounds to me he might be shy... not used to being around girls. he might even be a little scared of the feelings he has around you, so he backs off for a while. he's obviously attracted to you in a sexual way and its a nice compliment to you. its also natural. i say hang with him but dont worry when he needs space. if you dated other guys it might be interesting to see if he wants to hang with you more... and hang on to you. what are your ages? girls are usually more ready to date than boys their own age.
      hope this helps and good luck.
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      I think he likes you. If you want to bring it up about the hand holding and all that all you have to say is: "Hey, you know all that hand holding business that's been going on, does that mean you like me? Because I like you". I don't know how much confidence you have but this should work or something along those lines. :). Hope I helped. :D.
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