Check out this PC game!

    • Check out this PC game!

      Subvein is a top down shooter :) its fun. fast paced. has cars. and has a wonderful skill system that can give every player their own unique style of playing..

      subvein has been around for some time now. but recently there has been an increase of players coming in and id like to do my part for their community and spread the word for this awesome game.

      Players are usually on during mid afternoon. but its been getting easier to find games every day.

      Please note that this game is hard if you just think its point and shoot. Immerse yourself in it and have fun :)

      This will run on most pcs and is a fairly small download. there is however a mac port on the forums mac users can use :)

      Have fun!

      please use my ref link so i can earn some community credits (credits dont benefit anyone) so i can show im doing my part :)
      Dont forget to add my user name in any referral boxes! :)
      Name: speculation
      Subvein: Mutant Factions

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