Mixed signals?

    • Mixed signals?

      I met this guy a few months ago. We live in different towns, but know a lot of the same people. We have hung out a couple of times with a group of people but never alone. We have gotten really close by texting almost every day and calling eachother. I know a lot of personal things about him. He said more than once he will always be there for me no matter what, and we have helped eachother thru some hard stuff (my dad just passed away). He's been so sweet and very concerned, posting on my fb, so everyone knows we are close.

      He sent me a text tonite telling me he was in my hometown. I asked how long he was going to be here because I had something I had made for him. (He broke some ribs). He said you didn't have to do that! I said I wanted to, and I was chilling with some friends and I could give it to him another time, but if he decided he wanted my surprise to let him know. He asked who I was hanging with, I told him. He was with a friend of his, he told me who. I said sweet, he said yup, so, I'll let you go.
      What the hell? Why would he tell me he is here if he didn't want to hang out? He totally blew me off! Do I know too much personal stuff? Is he worried about seeing me or is he just not interested in me? I don't know how to feel about this, please help!
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      It's nothing to do with knowing too much personal stuff. He could be either too shy, not interested or preoccupied with a friend. Some people don't like going out with a friend, then randomly bringing a new friend they hadn't met yet with their old friend because they may feel it's rude on the other person or it'd be awkward. I don't think you should get too worked up about it. If he comes into town again, ask him again, preferably if he hasn't got a friend with him and if he makes up an excuse or turns you down again then I think he's not really interested.
      Or you could just message him and ask him why he didn't want to meet up? That'd be easier.
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