A want to be a Chef??

    • A want to be a Chef??

      Hi, I’m 18 years old and I’ve just finished school in Australia (Year 12) and I would like to become a Chef, I applied for a very good but very expensive private college course for cooking, I think it would be very worthwhile taking this course, but my parents and family are telling me that a private college is too expensive and i will not learn as much as going into an apprenticeship or just starting out in the industry, but my parents don’t even have to pay for the course, I have to, but I’m still thinking whether or not to take the course?

      Any Advice???

      Thanks :)
    • Re: A want to be a Chef??

      You should do an apprenticeship. You get paid whilst you learn, you get a recognised qualification at the end and you get experience. You may pay for an expensive college and then realise you don't want to be a chef anymore. That'd be a waste of money. Why not learn and get paid for learning? That's the better option.
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