Problems at school

    • Re: Problems at school

      Hmm, well ... actually I have the same problems. I don't like my school/classmates that much, but just for the sake of not wanting to be alone, I always put up a smile, say "I'm fine." when I'm not and of course, act like it doesn't affect me the fact that one of my friends just turned her back on me after all I've done for her.

      If you really don't like it, I'd say, "be yourself" 'cause that's just the best thing and ignore them. That's how I spent middleschool years. I was anti-social, liked to be all by myself and no one else and even liked the color black a lot ('cause it is convenient), and some of my classmates called me emo/goth/etc...

      You know what I did? Ignore them, find friends that would understand me and just keep being myself and not a fake. Of course it might take time, took me like 3-5 years, but now I have at least a friend that does understand me.

      I finally understand how society works. You don't have to like everyone, but the most you could do is at least smile to those that do deserve it and a word of "hi" would be more than enough.