So, I need a bit of help.

    • So, I need a bit of help.

      So, first when I started college I met this guy I really liked, we ended up dating and being bestfriends. I mean, he acts like my own bestfriend, I can tell him anything..Yeah, well we haven't acted like a 'couple' for a while..and this is bugging me, we started living together after a year of being together, and we haven't really bonded in a 'couple' way. Its making me upset, cos' whenever I'd get home from college, he'd be there to hug me and kiss me, but he doesn't do that anymore. Its usually just a "Hey, how was your day?" Or just a "Hey" Plus he goes out of a night and comes home late at night...I dunno why he is acting this way, I'm scared he is cheating on me. He never has any time to sit down and talk. Its bothering me.

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      yep talking is the way forward i feel.

      but to be brutally honest it sounds to me like he may have gone off you a little, but because your living together he doesnt want to rock the boat so to speak by mentioning it. but then again im not him so could be talking bollocks.