So here I am in a predictable predicament

    • So here I am in a predictable predicament

      I met this woman. At first I figured i'd get over her like anyone else... but suddenly I was asking her to dinner (not a date, just dinner) and hang out with her. From what I learned about her, she is by far the closest human being i've met that I could actually talk to openly with and enjoy talking to. An actual human being that isn't selfish or ignorant beyond belief...

      So while we're having a meal, she explains that she's recently broken up (due to cheating from him) and talks about how she doesn't know what she wants to do at this point.

      Based on what she's said (she said it'd be stupid to go back, yet still has physical feelings for the guy and misses some things about him) even though he's cheated multiple times on her.

      I've been trying as much as I can to get things going between us... but I don't know if she's not interested or what.

      I have a funny feeling in a couple of weeks/months she'll explain to me the situation of her going back to the asshole.

      They always go back to them, don't they? It's disgusting...

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      I think this is one of those times when a friends with benefits type situation may work best for the both of you. I know this traditionally means friends who have sex, but i think you can tailor it any way you want really. I would say keep trying to see her, go out etc. but do not call it dating or attach yourself to her unless the point arises where she does cast the other guy aside and chooses you (hopefully). The object being that you let her see how good a guy you are and show the other guy to be a jerk and not worth it anymore. Of course as is the case with all us good guys in the world she may just choose to be with the prick as usual. but thats life and dating.
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      I understand how you're feeling, as this situation isn't just applicable to girls. Some of my guy friends keep going back to the same girls no matter how much the girls mess them around. At this point, you need to be careful to avoid the friendzone. It's important you convince her not to go back to that guy. From then on, all you need to do is ensure she doesn'tfriendzone you, flirt with her a bit, then when the time is right ask her out properly. Don't leave it too long though.

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