My anger is seriously hurting our relationship

    • My anger is seriously hurting our relationship

      I've been together with my girlfriend for close to 3 months now, and I love her. We talked for a long time before we started going out and I knew early on that she was special. But, I have a big problem. When I say I, I mean me exactly because she isn't at fault here. Basically, I've dealt with serious depression in the past and my Aunt even killed herself last month. But yet I brushed it off, I also brushed off a relationship with my Mom who tried to start talking to me again after I moved in with my Dad but I didn't want anything to do with her. & my girlfriend was there to help me through it all. But she can't help me with this. We hang out a few times a week, and at least in 1 of those 3 times or so I get angry at her or become a little emotional wreck. All kinds of things have brought it on in the past: Her putting my hair up as a joke and me yelling at her because it hurt. Her repeatedly mentioning how I got my hair cut and shouldn't have after I did. Her just telling me stop trying after I couldn't perform sexually because I was so stressed, and several other examples.

      This usually leads to her being mad at me, and the first few times I would play like I was depressed because of it and she recently came out and said she was tired of putting her feelings aside. This may make our relationship sound horrible, but it isn't totally. If it weren't were for me being angry we would be perfect, we get along so well and I really am myself around her. She says she's tried of having the same old talk about how I should be more careful and that maybe we shoulfn't hang out as much because the more we do the more of an asshole I am. I told her maybe, and that I didn't want to lose her, then she went to bed. It's just hard for me to process things when I yell or become hostile. Honestly, I'm getting sick of talking about it too. How can I stop getting so angry? I seriously need help.
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      go to counseling
      My bf his uncle killed himself on december 23 he has more anger issues currently and he's been taking his anger out on me...So he went to a counseling and it's gotten better. But he would have lost me if he hadn't went and fixed his anger issues....
      You have every right to be angry at the world right now but I've been in the shoes of your gf and honestly if my boyfriend would have just watched what he was saying instead of just yelling and getting angry I wouldn't have told him to go get help. It's understandable and she understands it most likely too
      but my advice if she does something that makes you angry even if it is not intentional just sit back cool down and tell her why you are angry so she doesn't do it again. But don't yell at her because I was scared that if my bf didn't get help that he was going to start beating the shit out of me.... So yeah