Between the Two

    • Between the Two

      Going to try and make this as simple as possible.....

      I have been dating Trevor my boyfriend for about a year and a half now we have had pretty much a really easy relationship. No drama no fights nothing, but in the last few months his job has gone to the dogs. His hours are all over the place he doesn't have a schedule he can rely on because they call him in all the time. He only get's saturdays off currently. But anyways I think that has been taking a toll on him and he's been taking his anger out on me... Anyways He's a great boyfriend and I do love him....

      But Patrick my best friend who I still swear to god is my soul mate recently came back into my life. We had gotten into a rather nasty fight a few months before I met Trevor that made us not really friends anymore. But before that we hung out every day for 2 years. We could talk to each other without having to say a thing etc... Lets move on...

      Back in May he started to text me apologized and everything. One night I get the balls up to ask him why he would date another girl right when me and him were almost together.... long story short found out he had always returned said feelings.

      We flirted I have never cheated on Trevor and I never will but yes we flirted and talked about the possibilities of being together but I cut him off one day and told him to forget about me because, well I realized that not only was I in a relationship so was Patrick. So I cut off all contact... and yes It broke my heart even thought I didn't think it would.

      So it's been about 5 ish months since I've last talked to him... but everyday I still miss him and No matter how hard I try to forget him I can't. And it's driving me crazy. He is always on my mind and only when I get busy do I not think about him....
      Last night he texted me saying he couldn't forget about me it took me everything not to text back... I'm just currently lost on what to do. I really miss him and it hurts to not be able to see him or talk to him or hear his laugh or feel his arms around me... And I'm confused
      Because I feel that way with Trevor and it sucks
      Because if I did leave Trevor to be with Patrick well my heart would break because I do love Trevor and I know in some way that if we break up apart of me is going to go missing...
      But if I don't end things with Trevor I'm always going to be hurting because I'm not with Patrick,.,,,,
      Any advice???
      And usually I'm a lot smarter than this but I got myself stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place

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      Your main aim should be for your own sole happiness. If you yourself are not happy, how could you hope to make other people as happy as you? If having this friend makes you happy, but he has feelings for you, you need to offer hima choice for the time being. Friendship, or no-ship at all.
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      Yeah I have no clue what to do still lol...
      I was never one to believe in the whole you can love more than one person at a time. And it stuck me in the situation...
      I just don't know who to pick I'm happy with Trevor but I know I also would be happy with Patrick...
      Trevor is still taking his anger out on me not physically but he's starting to resent things, and I know he wants to make it work I do too but I'm getting overwhelmed

      But Patrick has always been the one who can use words, and he can lie to get what he want's and thats why I'm also nervous about taking a chance with him because I don't know if he is really being honest or not about it or if he just want's to get laid by somebody who isn't his gf
      that is why I am stuck maybe I should just forget both of them lol
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      Really, not dating anyone would make it better. Follow your heart, if that doesn't work, then don't date any of them. You can't be happy with just one of them, so why feel sad when you can be single and happy?
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      Maybe you and Trevor should sit down and talk about how the relationship is going to try and fix it.. Tell him how you feel but don't tell him about Patrick yet because that will cause physical conflict between the two. If the attempt of trying to fix the relationship doesn't work then maybe you should move on but give it a little time and try to rekindle the romance.

      Good Luck
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