Things are a little messed up..

    • Things are a little messed up..

      Firstly some back story, I've been best friends with this guy for over five years. Me and his girlfriend have only just become friends about a year ago but she is still my bestfriend.
      So, the two of them are my best friends. The other night, the guy, told me he has always liked me as more than a friend. But he knows nothing can happen due to his gf...

      Basically i don't know how to handle this. How do i feel? I've always liked him like that, but I just have always put it aside. Blocked away my feelings for him.

      This is really gunna mess things up if anyone found out what he said, so i couldnt risk talking to another friend about it..
      What do I do?
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      I wouldn't ruin the friendship just because of what he said. The moment you do you'll ruin the friendship and he might not appriciate it. Even if he does break up with his gf and go with you she'll put it together that he might have liked you enough to break up with her. I say you should look somewhere else and not proceed to chase him. Nothing but drama on that road.
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      Don't mention anything, but most of all, don't lead him on because things you do an make him like you more. If you two did end up dating, the friendship between you and the girl will most likely be over, and depending on what she is like, it could get ugly, but she may just keep her cool about it, but she's a girl so you never know. Good luck
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