Guy likes my girlfriend

    • Guy likes my girlfriend

      So my girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years. She has this friend who is a guy. He has been through many girl friends and stuff but he has always liked my girlfriend and I've always known this. My gf didn't see it as much but I knew. He's now been single for a little while and he keeps texting my girlfriend and stuff and saying stuff that he shouldn't say to a girl who is in a relationship. I don't know exactly what he says but my gf will just say "he went too far" or something like that. He's really annoying me because he isn't a good friend to her and he keeps saying things to her like hitting on her and stuff and telling her shes so beautiful and he tells her that I'm so lucky to have her. Although I guess that's a compliment I don't like it. I don't want them talking at all but obviously that can't happen because they've been friends for a while. They text a lot and it annoys me whenever I see his name come up on her phone. I've talked to her about this and I say I don't like him or her talking to him but she says she doesn't talk to him much but whenever I hang out with her she's always texting her. I trust her and I know she wouldn't do anything with her but this is just something that makes me so angry. I just want him to be gone for ever. Would something like this annoy you too?
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      I wouldn't be fine with this, but your going to meet a lot of guys like this that show up. I found that laying low and fighting through the storm is not a good thing. I went up to him and told him I wasn't him comfortable with him blowing up m girls phone. He didn't take it well which led to him saying stuff to my girl about, but she broke off ties with him.

      I think standing up to the problem is the best. But i guess it depends how your girl takes it to. In my case my girl was afraid to tell him so I took it in my hands.
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      Don't let it get to you, don't let her get into any kind of secret relationship with her. Sit down with her and ask her it bothers you, tell her if she would cheat on you, the best way is to talk to her about it.
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      Yeah talk to the guy.
      I was in your girlfriend's situation before but when i saw my ex, I didn't text the guy at all. Whenever i went over my ex's house, I'd tell the guy or anyone else I was texting that I was over his house so wouldn't text. She shouldn't text him right in front of you, I think that's like rubbing it in your face that another guy has her attention.
      Speak to her again and speak to the guy.
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      Thanks for all the advice guys. She tells me that they don't talk much but every single time I'm with her I see her texting him. I'm seeing her later tonight and if I see his name one time I'm bringing it up to her. Not that I don't ever bring it up I just need to make sure that she knows that I'm serious about it. And I would talk to him but I don't see him ever but if keeps it up then Ill try to get his number from her or find him on fb.