Wow, Cliche Much?

    • Wow, Cliche Much?

      Feel free to stop reading at any time if you are sickened by how typical and uninteresting and shallow my situation is. This is as much to just get it out as asking for advice.

      I asked a while ago the best way to reveal to a crush that you like him. I followed some of the advice, and told him...and less than a week later I changed my mind. I was momentarily blinded by this one sweet guy and I didn't even notice what was right in front of me: a young man so superior to this other guy and so much better for me and all that junk that it just blew me out of the water, along with any romantic thoughts of guy 1.

      HOW DO I DEAL? I've made up my mind as to how I feel right now, but how do I tell that to these guys? I'm not planning on telling mr. superior how I feel just yet, cuz that turned out SO well last time...but how does one tell a relationship partner of two weeks that you don't like him anymore without hurting his feelings? Is that even possible? Should I get a friend to 'let slip' that I like someone else when talking to him? I really don't want to brush the first guy off at all, because he's still a good friend. I just don't feel the way I used to about him.