How come black and latino people commit more crime than white people?

    • How come black and latino people commit more crime than white people?

      Forbes recently released it's 2012 list of the most dangerous cities in America, and unsurprisingly, the list was dominated by predominantly black (and/or Latino) cities.

      10. Buffalo, New York (50% black and latino)
      9. Cleveland, Ohio (53% black, 10% latino)
      8. Stockton, California (52% black and latino)
      7. Baltimore, Maryland (63% black)
      6. Atlanta, Georgia (40% black, 11% latino)
      5. Birmingham, Alabama (62% black)
      4. Memphis, Tennessee (62% black)
      3. Oakland, California (53% black and latino)
      2. St. Louis, Missouri (52% black and latino)
      1. Detroit, Michigan (82% black and 7% latino)

      Why is this? Why are some of the blackest cities in America also the most dangerous? As a person who lives in a city that's on the list, I can assure you that the list is pretty accurate and that it is not white people who are committing the vast majority of these crimes. So why do you do this, black people? Don't you want racism to end?

      It's things like these that make me wonder for a second if Dave might've been right when he said "all niggers must die". Except that I really do love black people, and I want you all to stop doing these bad things to become part of the greater good! :blush:

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      Detroit needs a better law enforcement system in place. I think I read where their response time to phone calls with violence on average is 20+ minutes which is well beyond the national requirement and only encourages people to commit more violence since they can get away with it. You also need to teach blacks and latinos in these cities how to act properly and moral. I guess that starts out with dressing decently. My school currently is really cracking down on black people that wear pants below their waist for example but that is only a minor step. Education is important too. They need the right counseling to teach them how other parts of the country are and maybe that'll persuade them to do better in school or just get their schools more funding. I also think their should be something like Ronald Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign because that was pretty effective

      Oh yeah, and this idea might sound kind of extreme at first, but I think it will have a positive impact if we try to convince them to speak English well and get rid of this so called 'ebonics' system they have in place. This will take away their sense of cultural identity so they immerse themselves and fit in with normal everyday American society better and would psychologically make them feel we are all apart of the same culture, therefore act more like the average American citizen

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      Here's the deal. The biggest cause of crime, by far, is poverty. In the US, most of the people who are impoverished aren't white. Therefor, nonwhites tend to commit more crime. The way to fix is to spend more money on education and R&D. Education to prepare people for jobs, and R&D to create more permanent, high level jobs. Public works is an okay short term way to give these people jobs/money, but they aren't long term enough.
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      So your argument is that two wrongs make a right?

      And for the record, it's a myth that blacks were "stolen from their homes." They were already slaves in Africa and, when the Europeans came to Africa to trade, their own people convinced them to take slaves. Slavery originated as a black on black crime.
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      Bad_Penmanship wrote:

      I hate the whole "two wrongs don't make a right". Do you believe in self-defense?
      Sure, I do. Slavery was a terrible wrong, and something America should never forget. However, it seems you're using that as an excuse for the misbehavior of African-Americans today, even though none of them were ever slaves. If I'm reading that wrong, let me know.

      So you completely ignore everything about how bad they were treated and the whites' hatred led to their hatred and crime. Talking about black on black crime. Do you have proof of that? And even if it is true, it was nearly as bad as the millions that were beaten and lynched. Or the millions that died during "seasoning" or the voyage itself.

      No, I don't. It was terrible, but that doesn't give blacks a right to act out now...

      As for proof, just Google it. Easy.
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      Bad_Penmanship wrote:

      "even though none of them were ever slaves."

      You can't expect a generation to magically have their own ideas about things without being influenced by the former generation. Part of it is because they're following in the footsteps of their parents hatred. It's unforunate, but it is true.
      Okay, but the vast majority of black people aren't doing crimes to get back at the white man. Besides, you're taking a thread completely out of context. I think we've had a huge misunderstanding here, honestly. :lol:

      It doesn't matter if they've been slaves. Why? Because white people are still satans today.
      And that's racist. You're just as bad as the people you criticize. Congrats.

      AS you picked and chose which things to point out, you paid no attention to the modern hatred whites STILL have for blacks. You asked a question.
      I'm aware that racism is alive and well in this country. Only ignorant Republifucks aren't.

      But 9/11 only 3,000 people died and then you're all like "DOWWN WITH MOSLEM TERRORISTS! LETS NUKE THEM ALL!! BLOW THEM TO BITS AND PIECES!!"
      Nice strawman. I supported the war in Afghanistan, sure, but that doesn't mean I wanted to "nuke all Muslims."

      Again, I think you have a gross misunderstanding of who I am and what I believe.
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      Guys, please don't try to defend my race, unless you're capable of doing so, without looking like an idiot.

      Thank you.

      Ari Gold;1063044224 wrote:

      Nigger, you're my favorite victim. :blush:

      Matt;1062946634 wrote:

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      Maybe it's not so much innocent blacks being put in jail as it is guilty whites being passed over.
      There's definetely some sort of association going on - try taking the Project Implicit Tests. Shows a lot.
      On the other hand, representation counts a lot too - if you see a African American man in a business suit on one side of a train, and a white man in a ripped T-shirt with sunglasses and smoking, who are you more likely to sit next to?
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      It's mainly down to class differences- crime, as a general rule, will occur in more impoverished areas (or at least, crimes that are detected; the wealthy can afford to cover their tracks). If you look at the history of many of these areas, some started out with groups of immigrants finding cheap places to live, hoping for better lives. Their sons and daughters have sons and daughters of their own, and become citizens of that country- but many stay in the same poor neighbourhood, since they have a strong sense of community and family (bearing in mind bridging that class/wealth divide is incredibly difficult). America and the UK, despite their wealth, weren't able (or willing; bear in mind widespread racism has only begun to disappear in the last fifty or so years) to provide sufficient housing for immigrants, and so, several generations later, the families are still in the same places- poor neighbourhoods with a strong sense of familial identity and union against despair (which can manifest itself as gangs) where desperation and retaliation against danger create an unending cycle of crime and violence. It has nothing to do with colour of skin, but content of character, as MLK said- and growing up in a bad neighbourhood can have an effect on that content.
      That's not to say its the case for everybody living in those areas. I don't condone the actions of gangs- but neither will I say that it's a black and white case. Prevention doesn't lie in thinking its a race related issue. It lies in shrinking the social and wealth division that is mostly to blame.
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      Nick_the_Maggot wrote:

      Hey! That's racist! One of my closest friends is Latino. She is awesome. Anyway, you guys are racist.
      Screw this.
      I'm out.

      Saying that more latino people commit crimes on average than white people is not racist. There is something called statistical evidence. EVIDENCE.

      What would be racist would be if you immediately assumed that someone had certain characteristics based on statistical evidence (example: "You're mexican, so you smuggle weed").