Honest relations and relationships

    • Honest relations and relationships

      Hello all. Curious Question: What about guys draws girls in, and what about girls draw guys in? For me a girl should be nice, caring, considerate and trustworthy, and she should expect the same qualities from me, no matter if she is friend or girlfriend.
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      from what ive learned over the years, girls allways go for confidence. even if its a facade of confidence you will do better than the guy stood in the corner (used to be me). Its why all the idiots of this world get the girls. as long as in the first place you are confident she will then learn the other aspects of your personality.

      As for what draws me into girls, depends on the situation. if im in a bar then i look at how she looks and i look for individuality, such as different style to everyone else. If im talking to a group of girls i will tend to go for the one that seems intelligent.
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      A guy who is confident, funny, intelligent, opinionated, someone I can have banter with, a laugh, and a debate, someone who isn't too clingy/soppy but doesn't have a complete lack of affection either. Someone who I can trust and whom I feel comfortable around, easy to talk to, generally easy to get on with etc. Someone who likes a bit of adventure, is spontaneous and all. Y'know.