New advice technique - please check it out

    • New advice technique - please check it out


      Hello everyone,

      I love helping people out and for you to be helped out by me would be brilliant, however I do not feel that through typing, I can really portray my point across, therefore I would love all of you to ask me anything you want on here and I shall make a video about it on youtube. At the moment on my channel I am posting different types of videos but I think an advice video would be brilliant for all of those seeking advice from others.

      The question series will start soon and I would love for plenty of you who are filled with questions would reply to this thread and ask me absolutely anything that you feel you want to know about. It can be about any topic that you are really struggling to understand I will hopefully help you in finding the correct answer you are looking for.

      Please subscribe to laylarosabel on youtube in order to be updated on my advice series. I have not started the advice column yet, however I am starting it soon so please get your questions in to be in the first video.

      **Disclaimer** Your name or any detail SHALL NOT be mentioned. Unless you would like them to be.

      Thank you everyone - laylarosabel