Broke her heart

    • Broke her heart

      Any advice for getting someone back that claims you broke their heart? She says she's done with me & ignored all my texts. I'm trying to prove to her I'm still her & want another chance.. Anyone ever get a heartbroken ex back? Please help . I really don't want to give up on her. Thanks
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      Hipster wrote:

      What happened?

      She broke up with me for making a joke, she thought I was calling her a hoe. She thought we needed a break & it just got me really mad because my birthday is in 2 days & now im single.. So I wrote how I had sex with her on a social network out of anger(deleted it fast enough so no one saw it) I think that was really uncalled for of me & immature & I know that was my mistake but she's still ignoring me so idk what to do..
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      You will be okayyyyyyy

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      i hope, if you need to speak I am here for you..

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      And don't let anyone boss you around gyal

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      be yourself.. cause you are GOLD.. gold.. always believe in your soul!!
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      Get over her. There are more girls then guys on this earth. They need us more then we need them. STOP trying to talk to her. It will only make you look desperate and no girl wants a guy that desperate. People pay me for relationship advice man. I'm not perfect and I am human, but I know what i'm talking about when it comes to this matter. It's going to be hard to keep her as a friend knowing that you are going to be jealous of any guy that talks to her(I would be the same way) It's going to be very hard to keep her off your mind for the next view weeks. This is normal. Try not to sit I your room all lonely and keep thinking about what you could have done different. You need to be out with your friends living you life :) That's probably what she is doing! Don't think about what she is doing or worrying what guys she may be hanging out with. This will turn you to delusional thoughts. This also normal! When you think about her. Think about the great times you had :) In every relationship your going to learn something different. That's what life's about. So don't think what you could have done different and instead think about what you learned from it. Hang in there man and remember that you are you for a reason :)