What can I expect at a strip club?

    • What can I expect at a strip club?

      I just turned 18 and I got a friend (who's a girl) ask me if we can go to a strip club together when she turns 18 in one month and I said yes. We are only curious though because we've never been to one before. She is in no way slutty btw. So what's at a strip club aside from the girls dancing on poles? Would people look at us weird?

      We would be some of the only 18 year olds in our school, so we couldn't bring anyone else (or anyone else that we're friends with anyway)

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    • Re: What can I expect at a strip club?

      Um, I think that would be a bit odd to bring my female friend to a strip club but that is just my opinion. Maybe she is secretly a lesbian.

      And although I have never been there is lots of drinking (which you cannot legally do cause you're under 21, DUH) and there are girls giving lap dances, etc, etc.

      People aren't going to be looking at you except the guards, everyone's eyes are on the strippers, lol.