ex date partner cutting. help me?

    • ex date partner cutting. help me?

      ok, here's the situation. i went on 2 dates with a girl 1 year younger then me. apparently she had a crush on me when i asked her out. so we went to the mall one time, and watched a movie on a double date with another couple. the next week, i was out of town and didn't get to see her. when i got back she asked me what our relationship was, i said there wasn't really much of a relationship, we just went on a few dates, and then she asked if we wanted to go see a movie together the nesxt day. i said i didn't really want to date her anymore, and now shes gone all phyco and is cutting herself, and died her hair black, and is generally depressed. not sure if i should appoligise or what? please help me!
      Thanks :confused:
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      Maybe you could just go up to her and and say " avoid me all you want, when you need someone to talk to or just wanna chill you let me know". If she doesn't say anything back that's fine. You know you did what you could in the situation and your words will hit her reality sooner or later.
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      No dont tell anyone else about her, thats a bad idea and it will only make her worse.
      Just let her know that your there for her, tell her that your there to listen/talk to her whenever she needs someone. And well you can still do something fun with her, even if its not a date then do it as friends?.
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