How can I get her off my mind when I'm away from her?

    • How can I get her off my mind when I'm away from her?

      So I've been dating this wonderful girl for about 4 months now. I was away for the entire first month of our relationship which was over the summer. I was unable to get her off my mind no matter how hard I tried. Everything I heard and saw made me think of her. We talked basically every day whether it be on Facebook or over the phone (she doesn't have a cell phone yet by the way). I'm certain that I am completely in love with her. I'm going away for thanksgiving break for a week. I really want to get her off my mind this time around because missing her really hurts and it ruins my mood. Yes we are in love, but I'm pretty sure I won't be on her mind much because she is VERY easily distracted. I might get a message from her on Facebook but that will probably be it. Can anyone offer advice or tips on how I can focus on other things?
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      I agree,find a hobby,go hang with the bros,go hang with your friends that are girls. She is doing the same thing with her girl/guy friends. Don't smother her. Don't question where she is 24/7. Your her boy friend,not her mom and dad. Iv noticed that giving my girl a lot of space always keeps the relationship healthy. I was always the guy that never trusted my GF and was uptight all the time and then one day I realized that If I let her out of my thoughts and just let her go do whatever she wants. She would literally run to me that same night. PM me for more details