I am Really Confused

    • I am Really Confused

      Okay here is a long story:
      So there is a girl I like. I am not going to give her real name away, so lets just call her Katie. So Katie used to like me. We would talk everyday. Of course, I had my suspicions, but I never thought someone like her could ever like someone like me. So she told me she used to like me. About a week later, I asked her out (through text). I had no response. Turned out she had a boyfriend. I forgot about dating her. Then, a girl, im gonna call her Tess, started texting and skyping me. She told me a lot of lies about Katie. I actually believed them. Turns out Tess likes me. Katie told me that. Now, Tess is constantly dissing Katie's personality (right after Tess met me, she and Katie started hating each other.) Katie said that she would date me (she told me that, because Tess said Katie would never date me, because Katie didnt want to be made fun of, but it turns out, it was Tess who said that, Katie was saying she would date me.) The next day, Katie sends me a text saying "Even though I have a bf I kinda like you ;). A llliiiitttllle." I told her if she was single, I would have asked her out on the spot, but it seemed rude to ask someone out when they have a boyfriend, so I won't. Today I asked Katie why she liked me. Katie says its because she can tell me anything and I have a solution. Because we understand each other's drama. And because she loves my voice (idk why, I sound like I have no nuts at all). Anyway, I really like Katie and want to go out with her. What should I do?
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      Well in my opinion, you need to decide who you truly and honestly like more. You can't have 2 girls at once (well you can but that is a very very bad idea). Katie has a boyfriend, yet she likes you at the same time. I think that if you started to date Katie, she would end up liking some other guy and possibly cheat on you. I'm not saying you are the problem, but thats just the kind of girl Katie sounds like to me.
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      I know Katy may sound great. Of course she will, because you have feelings for her obvs.
      But trust me. I have a guy friend who went through a very similar thing. This girl he really liked, asked her out. She had a boyfriend but always said to him "But I actually like you a bit" etc etc always put off actually going out with him. Even got to the point she was promising to leave her vboyf for him in the end. She never did. She was a little out of his league as well like, she was popular he was just your average guy. I think maybe she just liked the attention. Anways yeah. She suonds like she'd mess you around. I wouldn't go for it