help with persuasion?

    • help with persuasion?

      okay so. in march april, i really want to meet up with a group of online friends to meet them, take some pictures and just mess around for an hour or two.

      the problem is;

      1) mum would never let me go on a train by myself, especially somewhere thats 4 hours away

      2) she hates the thought of me actually talking to strangers on the internet, so she probably wouldn't want me go and meet a bunch of them.

      3) idk why but i think theres a possibility that i would miss the train home or something and be stranded there.

      4) im the worst person ever at asking. i never know what to say and id probably make it sound like a bad idea.

      they all met up a few days ago and i looked at the pictures and videos, and it looked fun as hell and i really want to go.

      so i was thinking i could always take a close friend with me so that i can tell my mum that were going shopping, but idk if one of my friends would want to meet a bunch of strangers..
      i could always talk to my friends for like half an hour then take my friend shopping to make up for it? idk

      so yeah.

      i need help with ways to persuade my mum to let me go and a friend to come with me..?

      also any other ideas would be great

      thanks in advance x
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      Hi there. Your mom has every right to be concerned about this because it is maternal instinct to be cautious about your child going reasonably long distances without any adult supervision, especially to meet a group of strangers. Perhaps if you allowed your mother to speak to them, and them tell her what you will be doing, where you'll be, things of that sort, she will be more open to allowing you to go.

      Tell her that you will call her before departure and upon arrival, and let her know where you'll be and for how long. Make sure she knows she'll be well informed of all your activities, and when you will be leaving to come back home. It is a good idea to take a friend along, so I encourage you to do so if at all possible.
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      Any Mother would be cautious, but if it's something you want to do you need to weigh up the pros and cons.

      If you ask your Mum, and mention something about proving your independence, or even proving to her in advance that you can be trusted, then you're one step closer to persuading her.
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      Thanks for your responses, guys, It means a lot!
      I've managed to actually find two friends who are willing to come along with me, and i'm going to be sure to take a mobile along with me so that i can call/text her every so often so that knows that im safe. thanks again!
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      Yeah, I met my ex online but we agreed to both take a friend and everything was fine :) My mum still doesn't know I met him online! :L
      Meeting a 'group' of people alone is too dangerous and any mother wouldn't allow their child to meet people. You should always be very weary when it comes to meeting someone whom you met online and make sure you bring someone with you and make sure people know that you're doing it.
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