Moving way too fast!

    • Moving way too fast!

      Well, I've been dating this guy for about a week, and he is already telling me he loves me, and wants to marry me, and stuff like that... and while its nice to hear, i dont know if i feel that way yet. like i said, its only been a week. and I have been agreeing and saying it back because I dont want to hurt his feelings. and i feel like i want to slow things down, i tried to and he just didnt understand. I like him a lot, but im not in love with him! i dont know what to do... does anyone have some advice? I'd would greatly appreciate it!!!
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      ivaiva wrote:

      Tell him what you told us.

      I agree with ivaiva. My first girlfriend had a huge impact on my life, and after the first few weeks I too felt as though I was in love with her. When I told her on the night of our first kiss that I loved her, I received the disturbing reply of, "Thank you". It hurt me, but after a while I realized that I was moving too fast.

      What you should do is tell him how you feel, as you have told us. From what you've said, he has strong feelings for you and should understand that you need time to figure out how you feel about him. I'm confident that all will go well if you are just sincere and honest with him, and things for you 2 will work out. Good luck. :)
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      Totally get this. So many things I've heard before the two week mark like "I love you" "We should move to London together, get married" "I've climbed one mountain today and I'd climb 1000 more for you because your love is the only thing that keeps me alive" etc etc etc

      Just say to him look, I think it's really sweet that you're committed to this and everything, but I feel like we're moving a bit too fast, I really don't want to hurt your feelings but I don't want to rush into anything, we're only young, etc or whatevs, y'know. Better to tell him than feign happiness.