im back

    • Hi,
      So me and this guy were talking for the whole summer and it got pretty serious... It got to the stage where he was talking about our future and shit. Because he lived in another town (about 50km away), we decided to meet up. He promissed he would come and see me. But he didnt, he stood me up. And haven't spoken to me for 2 months. I spoke to him yesterday and he apologized, so I told him how I felt and he was really confused. He promissed that he won't lie to me again, and he promised to meet up with me soon so we can talk about this, as acording to him my feelings wasn't something that should be discussed over facebook. I told him I was scared of telling him how I felt, and he said I shouldn't, but he didnt tell me how he felt towards me... He said he would talk to me everyday - like before... Haven't spoken to me since. So, what do I do? Do I talk to him? Do I say i knew that me coming out to him would push him away? Do I give him time to think about this?

      I like this btw - :shifty: