opinion of a boy please????

    • opinion of a boy please????

      so ive just started seeing this boy and he has had a reputation for being a bit of player but he is seeing me now and said he wants to see where things go, what I was wondering is bascially he was out at a party with his friends but he was still texting me and asking me to come see him? is this a good signn???ahah
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      Nick* wrote:

      Well don't take other peoples word for what he is. If he wants to come see you, then go see him. You're the only one whose opinion of him will be valid, so learn about him and form an opinion.

      Agreed. The most popular misconception of guys by girls is "Once a player, always a player." Now I will say this, there are a lot of guys out there that only know how to be a player, because that's what they have seen growing up, and with their other friends. I believe that if a guy meets a girl that makes him feel like no other girl has, he can change his ways and be faithful and committed. I suggest you don't get too involved too quickly, just take things slowly and allow him to build your trust.

      Since he is a player, he knows the ways of the game, so to speak. If you blow him off or make up excuses not to spend time with him or speak to him, he will probably see that as pushing him away, or showing disinterest. Try to seize every chance to spend time with him and get to know him, then you can figure out what kind of person he is.

      Hope this helps you. :)
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