Is he worth it anymore?

    • Is he worth it anymore?

      Okay, so me and this guy in my English class were talking for a while over Facebook and things started to get very flirtatious. He kept asking me out on a date but every time we would make plans he would cancel the night before...this happened about 3 times. I was pissed off for about 2 weeks and then we started to talk again and at a school disco, we hooked up. With all of this going on we also had the HSC (final exams which are exams that determine our uni preferences). We decided to pause our "relationship" for a month so that we could both study for the HSC and when the HSC was over, we could go out if we were both still interested in each other. However, when I tried to start a conversation with him I basically got one word answers (which is unusual) and it seemed like he just wasn't interested in making an effort much as I want to try to talk to him again, I'm afraid that I am going to become clingy and annoying. It's been about 2 weeks since we've last spoken to each other. My theory is that he's either lost interest completely and is too afraid to tell me or that he is still interested but is afraid of having a real relationship with someone. Like before we had the HSC stopping us but now since it's over, there's nothing stopping us anymore...either way sucks for me. I honestly don't know what to do anymore....please help!

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      Mikayla is right. If he wants you, he'll come and get you.
      I have a friend, who if you message him, always come to him etc, he'll give like one word answers and not speak too much. I figured out eventually that I had to make him kinda chase me as such, let him start the convos, never send long replies or reply too quickly and never be too open. Then he comes running, always talking to me, messaging me etc.
      Although it's frustrating, that's just how he is. Perhaps your guy has a similar thing?
      Idk, just a suggestion. I really hope he's not messing you around, he does sound like a bit of a player :s