Constant Feeling

    • Constant Feeling

      Idk why I constantly have this feeling like I'm not important. My friends don't care if anything happens to me. My best friend, who I've called a sister, could care less if i just up and vanished one day. What I'm feeling or going through doesn't concern her, as long as her life isn't interrupted. The way she talks and acts towards me hurts and it seems to register to her that it bothers me when she does this.

      There are days where everything is great and like the good old days. The next time it hurts to even talk to her. This confuses me so much. I care about her and what shes going through, I just want the same from someone I thought i'd be close to for a long time. I don't make friends easy and I'm afraid I'm just clinging to her and forcing things to be worse. I try to give her space, but i get lonely and want someone to hang out with.

      Idk what to do. I've tried working on my issues that may cause things to go wrong and I've thought about just telling her it would be better for us not to be friends but that kills me. I want things to go back to where we never hurt each other. This hurt has lead to doubt in other aspects of my life. I want a magic wand to reverse time....
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      Hey Audie,
      I'm sorry that you are going through this stage, I personally think your bestfriend should care if something happens to you but I completely understands that from my past of friendships. If she knows that what she is doing to you, why can't she stop doing it? Have you spoken to her?

      I understand that it hurts to talk to her but have you even discussed it with her and I am the same with making friends, it's not easy, I'm deaf so I know how it feels.

      Why don't you leave things alone, as it is then see if it gets any better. If it doesn't, talk to her, better now than never.

      Hope I helped.