• Hey so basically is love making me depressed I need help I meet a girl (Sandra) she's
      beautiful, lovely. But very depressed nd of course quiet .. we went out like most relationship s
      We had some problems .. Just in case ur wondering this is a old story last time we tseptalked was maybe September of this year ok anyway I feel very protective like I need to protect her
      I got into so much trouble I got kicked out of school losing her I thought I wouldn't see her again
      I was mad at her at that time I wanted to forget her nd move on but my new school I went guesswork what she was there I was shocked I mean how. Why I just stared we didn't talk much but for the heck of it. I went up and talked to her it seemed as she didn't care so I left one day at school me nd her talked happily I was sitting next to her this is the last memory I will adore. For the rest of my life its also the day I completely lost her till this day I can't getover her I feel so lonely sad I feel as my life is nothing without her now I do have her number I texted once my heart was broken when she replied "Who's this? " I didn't reply nd after that I never texted again
      I need help how do I forget about her nd move on its so hard for me I can't sleep
      I get very angry at times .... every weekend I past by a place and see a tall building near LA this building is the spot I last said goodbye to her what do u think I should do
      any advice forgetting her should I text her again what? :(:confused: