Overdosing Yet Again

    • Overdosing Yet Again

      Before I went to school today I grabbed like 3 different bottles of pills and a box of benedril. I like took 5 of each pill from the bottles and then took 10 benedrils and headed for school. I feel a little stupid because today was the wrong day to overdose. While I was in the middle of class two cops walked up to me and told me they were there to escort me to the principal's office. I was scared half to death because I thought they had noticed how fucked up I'd been from the pills. There was no way I looked even the slightest bit of ok.... But that wasn't why they sent me to the office. They sent me to the office to rat out my friends who were selling drugs. In my delusional state I told them a lot, but I don't think I gave them enough to find my pals. I then thought I'd be let off the hook, but I was way wrong. My principal searched my back pack and actually physically checked my pants! I was too loopy to pull away or freak out, but I just took my backpack and walked back into class, now I'm afraid to go back to school in case they come for me again. :(
      [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]♪My inner demon it is screaming at me "Take him now! Don't miss this moment's chance. Won't get another, don't let me down. Don't fucking whine! Deep inside you'll be just fine."♪