bad mood x1000000.

    • bad mood x1000000.

      I'm in such a bad mood.
      It's been there all night.
      I've had urges all day.
      I drew a butterfly on my wrist.
      I've had people being normal today, so I felt normal, and pushed the urges out.
      Then I realised I've lost my best friend due to her boyfriend.
      She's clueless, isn't she? I don't even know what to do.
      Every time I tell her, she doesn't listen.
      I hate him, I really do.

      I miss my best friend.
      I miss my boyfriend.
      I just want to be held.
      I miss being happy.
      I miss spending a day not crying.
      I miss everything, and just once.
      Just. Once.
      I wish I could go a day without having urges. :/
    • Re: bad mood x1000000.

      There, there. There, there.

      If I were you, I would make some cookies or similar, and watch some humourous videos.

      "Every time I tell her"? I think the proper thing to do, when you don't like someone's partner, is to just tell them once, giving your reasons, and then leave it alone and let them figure it out for themselves. Nagging them constantly is going to force them to choose between the two of you, which is not something you should ever do to a friend. That "If you're friends with him, you can't be friends with me" kind of stuff is bullcrap. You have a relationship with your friend. She has a relationship with her boyfriend. They are separate.
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      I don't tell her I don't like her boyfriend, I told her that since she got one, we never hang out or do stuff together anymore (we used to do it all the time), and it's just getting worse.. Now we don't talk unless it's something she needs advice on and she's turning into one of the people we always used to bitch about :/
      She isn't who she used to be. She's changed, and I know people always do when they get into a relationship... But she & I used to always talk about it, and Idon't know.. I just don't know who she is anymore.