my parents ignore me.

    • my parents ignore me.

      so im home schooled(so im by myself 24/7) and my parents are always busy doing something like work, on the computer,fb and my moms shopping, getting her hair done, or doing stuff for my older sisters or my little brother. im the middle child :/anyway ever since my sister moved back in with her baby after the divorce ive been invisible. its been two years since she's been here and she's 26. anyways that forced me to have to share a room with my 7 year old brother..... and the same bed which he wets every night! i asked my mom if she can possibly set up the extra bed in there but she just got mad and said i should stop asking for things and that shes super busy. i cant share a room with my other sister because shes 20 and my parents says she needs her own space, exc. to make things worse, i dont have any friends because my parents wont let me have anyone over or go to anyone house so i really have no one to talk to. not to mention i dont have a phone because my mom broke hers and now shes using mine :/ also my sisters are mean to me and when i tell my mom she gets mad and dosnt want to hear it. i really dont know what to do anymore. i dont even have a place to just be by myself with out any noise or someone yelling at me. its very stressful espeacially when it comes to school work because my brothers friends are coming over alll the time and the computer is in the kitchen so i cant focus. i can go on and on but i dont want to right to much. anyone have a clue on what i can do to make things suck less??
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      Is your sister 26 or 20?!
      I am in the exact same situation. But, I have my own room (since yesterday!!) and my dad's using my phone which he broke in half after throwing it on my brother.. and never bought me one :L anyway, it's really hard to concentrate with yelling and stuff, I have found that blasting music in my ears helps me concentrate even tho I get a suckish headache afterwards but at least it helps me study. Maybe your mum is stressed out, so you should just be patient. Being part of a family like that sucks. I have 7 younger siblings, under 16 and it can get so annoying. How come your brother can have friends over, but not you? Aren't you allowed out for a walk alone to get a peace of mind? How old are you? Maybe in a few years, your parents will know you've grown up & need your personal space. It took my parents until a few days ago to realise it and I'm 16 & used to share a room with my sister who's 9 I think. Just try & be patient. Also, be clever and ask your parents for things when they're in their best mood. If you ever get too lonely, pm me :) xo
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      [B]Hmm.. How about keeping some money to the side ?! When you save enough money you can buy yourself new bed ?! It doesn't have to be really expensive ..
      You could also earn some extra money by babysitting or something .. It's not that bad ..

      Try to be patient with your mum ..She's probably really stressed out ..You could try to help her with some housework and then try to talk to her ..
      She will be really thankful , I guess , and she'll listen to you ..

      But , no matter what , keep trying ...[/B]
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      well i do think that discusion is the best solution. i personaly couldn't stand living a minute in such situation. i have no patience and i would probably start yelling at everyone in the house.xD (but i think you shouldn't do that) explain them your problems at a time that they are calm. And about the bed thing, i would prepefer sleeping on the sofa than on the same (wet) bed with my little brother xD
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