My Poem

    • When I was 12, I wrote this poem, typing it on my phone in the back of my parents' car on the way home from a party. It's kind of long, but I think it's pretty good. Constructive criticism is welcome!

      Road of the Blind

      She walks this street
      This alleyway of darkness
      She's not alone, no
      But she doesn't know, no
      There are others among her
      Each thinking thoughts
      As she thinks her own
      Sometimes she feels them
      A touch of sadness
      Shared misfortune
      A moment of light
      The blindfold is lifted
      For a second
      As she sees them
      They each wear blindfolds
      Some are lifted, some are not
      Oh, why did she take this road?
      And why won't she turn back?
      Part of her whispers
      "Get away, it's unsafe here!"
      Yet part of her screams
      "Finish your trek, dear!"
      She tears her hair
      Then inexplicably withdraws
      Into the same placid calm
      The trance
      That is shared with all who walk here
      The blindfold falls
      Again, she is blind
      Shall she continue?
      Become a mindless copy?
      A clone?
      It makes it much more bearable
      Or shall she leave this wretched path
      Walk a pretty road all her own
      While stones are thrown at her face?
      It may be too late
      She knows she is bad
      A bully
      And mean
      She is agnostic
      Refuses to reach a decision
      About our creation
      Our guidelines
      Although she does ponder
      She thinks that's all we can do
      We will never be certain
      We were never meant to know
      Yet even with this, she struggles
      No one knows what agnostic is
      She has been called antichrist
      Even told that Hell awaits her
      And she is getting tired of it
      But what can she do?
      She doesn't know
      For now, she keeps on walking
      Walking the Road of the Blind
      [COLOR="Red"][FONT="Arial"][SIZE="3"]Life's a thousand yesterdays to learn from, a thousand tomorrows to plan for, and one today to be the best you can be.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]